Equivibe Equine Vibration Plate at Running T Farms

Equivibe Equine Vibration Plate

Equivibe’s whole body vertical vibration therapy stimulates the horse’s muscles, bones, nerves, circulatory systems, and soft tissues. It provides for reduced stress, improved performance, shorter rehabilitation time, injury prevention, and a healthier coat. Equivibe is also beneficial during “warm-up” and “cool-down” periods prior to and after exercise.

Equivibe benefits Muscles

  • Increased circulation provides sore muscle relief and promotes muscle toning and strength

Equivibe benefits Bones & Joints

  • Promotes bone healing and increases density

Equivibe benefits Hooves

  • Increases circulation and promotes hoof growth
HydroHorse Aquatread Underwater Treadmill Therapy

HydroHorse Aquatread
Underwater Treadmill Therapy

Excellent conditioning and rehab for the equine athlete. Enhances and maintains conditioning giving balance and strength. Restores range of motion for the injured athlete and increases stride for older athletes.


  • Increases Muscle Development
  • Provides Mental Refreshment
  • Preserves Senior Horses
  • Reduces Joint Concussion / Low Impact
  • Excellent for Sales Preparation


  • Controlled Environment
  • Bleeder can heal while maintaining conditioning
  • Encourages symmetric gait and proper form
  • Reduces recovery time from injury / surgery
  • Reduces recovery time from tendon and ligament injury
  • Replaces hand walking