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Equine Reproductive Services & Equine Sports Therapy

Standing sons of Metallic Cat, Mr. Jess Perry, Paddys Irish Whisky, Smooth As A Cat and more.
Serving Amarillo Texas and the TriState Area since 2001


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Equine Reproduction Services

On site breeding, embryo transfers, foaling, standing stallions, stallion collections, semen freezing and more.

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Equine Sports Therapy

Whether a competing athlete, a mare with colt, or an aging friend, we provide personalized conditioning, performance, and rehabilitation services appropriate for your horse.

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Success in the arena begins in the breeding barn.
Our Stallion Roster is world class.

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Some people prefer horse care; we offer equine reproduction management. Our hands-on, 365 days a year approach creates a safe and healthy breeding environment. We have built a smaller facility with a one hundred head capacity. This maximizes our management of each individual while at our farm.

At Running T Farms we take pride in going the extra mile. We interact with each individual every day, unlike some larger facilities. Time with every animal every day – that’s important.

Whether you are a mare or foal owner or the owner of a resident stallion, Running T Farms provides daily care of your valuable investment.

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